Natural Stones: The Epitome Of Natural Elegance And Sophistication

Go east or west and there is perhaps nothing like your house because according to every homeowner it is simply the best place in the world. With said that, you will always want to keep it well ordered and as beautiful as possible. And thankfully, in today’s high-tech era, where technology is at the height of the fashion, there is no dearth of the techniques to make your home as beautiful and stylish as possible. However, the use of natural stones is still in great vogue and with sands of time it is used in home decorations continues to expand. These stones are the epitome of perfection and stateliness and having said that, it is easy to say that these items will leave no stone unturned in turning your house to a more appealing living place.

No matter what the type and style of a building is, these natural stones are sure to create wonders it’s inside and outside. And you will be bound to sing the praises of the vibes and attraction these natural stones have provided once and for all. Another noteworthy feature about these lightweight stone panels is that they add worth to the property strikingly. As a result, it is possible the value of your real estate is surely going to soar up.

natural stone
Natural stone such as veneer marble is highly durable while the color selection within it is also broad ranging. Not to mention, because of several attributes, the cost price is often higher than your expectations. Even then, it is a great addition for your house because they are highly durable and can therefore last a lifetime.

In general, most natural stone are almost maintenance free and yet it is good to take care of the stones from time to time. Its versatility is also the salient feature, which gravitates people to build homes or other buildings. When it comes to installation, these stone are a befitting for a variety of interior projects like kitchen countertops, sinks, fireplace, walls, floors, tubs, and vanities. Coming to the exterior projects, it includes landscaping, porticos, and causeway.

As every homeowner wants his/her home to be just okay or fine and in view of the fact, they invariably want the stuffs that can last longer and add all the wonders to the vibes of their homes. After all, you are investing your hard-money into construction or refurbishment project of your house, naturally their expectation stands to reason.

Natural stone is the self-styled stuff found in natural form on the earth. With a host of lots of striking features, it has become the center of attention amidst lots of contemporary homeowners and other building owners. It also has the efficiency to hold up any type of temperature without causing any affect on its natural attractiveness. The natural stones simply inject a great naturalness into your home.

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How Suppliers Dealing In Natural Stone Products Are Useful For You?

The construction or refurbishment of virtually every contemporary commercial or residential structure is not complete unless there is installation of marble and granite like natural products. Since apart from furnishing a building aesthetically, they also ensure a heightened durability to it. So while you install prefab granite countertops, and translucent marble tiles, you can give wings to your dream to build a home or any other structure in your mind.

Also, while there is a broad range of natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone, and quartzite etc. that you can choose from for your home construction and yet some of you might be interested or curious to learn as if from where they can purchase these natural stone products for the same purpose? Well, the answer is very simple. All you need to do is scout in your area or online to locate suppliers dealing in natural stone products and they will assist you according to your needs.

 Natural Stone Products

These days, virtually every natural stone dealer has his/her own website, so every interested customer can get in touch with the dealers and let them know your needs.  Then they will send you the nuts and bolts of the products along with the price quote. The best idea is to compare the price quotes of various leading marble suppliers available online and settle on the offer that suits you best.

Also, a lot of people take a fancy to use a variety of prefabricated marble and granite products. The decisive point is that using prefab quartz stone countertops and various other marble products is effortless and commercial in their homes. Also, the process of installation of these natural stones is also very easy and hassle free. They are specially made based on the shape and size as specified by you and the good news is that with their installation, your house will turn into a more beautiful living place.

All leading natural stone suppliers stick to quality benchmarks while shipping your products to your entrance without causing any type of harm to them. Following strict shipping measures and in-depth expertise of service customers from all across the globe assist them in offering improved service.

In every way, if you are a homeowner who believes in innovation, may tend to construct or refurbish your home by using these natural stone products. Your dream home will look even more pleasing and attractive by installing marble tiles, mosaic medallion and you can install a water jet in your backyard-landscaped garden, which will have exotic waterjet inlays. It is a walk in the park now. So, what are you still thinking now; just start making plans for an elegant and bejeweled patterned home today.

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Granite Countertops: Finding Out The Best Color And Other Relevant Information

Granite counters are perhaps the most popular and favorite shops these days. They not only look elegant and stylish, but they are also one of the most durable and resistant zero counters.

Granite material is a natural product, which has very different characteristics depending on its finish and color. The material is typically made of components ingenious-it is much more solid than marble, and can be easily maintained. In general, when it comes to “hardness scale”, it ranks very high, just below quartz. Indeed, a large amount of granite materials are quartz crystal entrenched in them.

granite countertops

A series of granite as blacks are softer than the rest, making them vulnerable to scratching. Numerous granite are absorbent materials, depending on their composition and ends, thus, they are susceptible to staining of different liquids. Overall, almost every kind of granite is resistant to acids and alkalis found in detergents. Granite kitchen counters are more open to color when a break or crack comes up on the surface because heat or impact and scratching with very sharp knives.

The granite countertops require “special” care and maintenance so that they continue to look beautiful for lots of years to come. Although granite counters are quite resistant to scratches and stains, to properly maintain these types of countertop materials, it is wise to follow a series of simple procedures:

Spills have the potential to plunge into its surface through coloring avoid the deep wiping spills immediately. Stone surfaces should be used with neutral mild dishwashing liquid as cleaners or stone soap and warm water.

If cleaning granite countertops with soap solutions using cleaner and soft cloth then you should carefully wash its surface. In the long run of the cleaning, it is best to dry the countertop with clean, soft, dry cloth.

If color persists to stay, eliminating the stain will depend on what kind it is. Firstly, try to remove it by using paste solution, the mixture of water, flour and dishwashing liquid, Place the paste on the stain, covering with plastic wrap and leave it for a night. The following morning, use a utensil that is wood to withdraw from the past, and then wash their countertop. This can work unless the stain is composed of oil, milk, or grease. In these situations, try to use hydrogen in the mixture of dishwashing liquid past mix.

Organic stains, such as those resulting from tea, fruit, coffee or use of a mixture of 12% “hydrogen peroxide” combined with a few drops of ammonia. This mixture will do wonders for “organically-stained” granite countertops.

Wine, and ink stains on the label “dark” granite stones require acetone or lacquer thinner for removal. Another way is to combine pure bleach and molding plaster in a folder mix, apply and let it stay for thirty minutes, scrape it off and rinse.

However, the installer to ask for recommendations as to when it may be necessary to make one. Obviously, for counters that are used to prepare the food should be applied with “non-toxic” seal.

There are new disinfectants on the market today that are specially formulated for granite counters, obtaining these types of cleaning for disinfection is preferred for regular cleaning.

Whatever the problems that surface up and you cannot handle alone, it is always advisable to seek the help of professionals.

Keep hot items out of the area, and always try to “cleaning methods,” in little discrete patches of granite damage or color strength. With the right care and maintenance of these devices, they will get a “new-look” for years to come.

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Lightweight Stone Panels Portray Versatility And Elegance To A Space Extraordinarily

Is your living or workplace not up to the mark interiorly and you are desperate to turn its standard look into sophisticated one? If yes, lightweight stone panels is the right answer to help turn your vision come true easily. No doubt, lightweight stone panels are the ornamental add-ons, which vividly portray unrivaled attraction, wonder and functionality to a place. These stone panels simply remain in huge demand in the market because of their unrivaled quality, versatility, attraction and longevity. As a result of these unique and handy lineaments, these stones are today typically used by most office owners and homeowners. Even contemporary engineers and architects in today’s times tend to fit the lightweight panels with stones like marble, granite and limestone in various residential and commercial structures. The fitting of these stone panels definitely add bewitchment to the interior setting of a house and an office strikingly.

 lightweight stone panels

The use of lightweight stone panels is quite widespread in hotels, guesthouses and other luxury structures. These panels are the world-class examples for augmenting the interior decoration of a place and yet their purchasing and fitting cost suits the budget range of even a run of the mill person. Another wonderful feature about the lightweight stone panels is that they can be installed easily on the existing exterior cladding without causing any wreckage to the structure. What’s more, its installation is always helpful since it fortifies the structure from every angle. Not to curb the fact, these panels are again remarkable when it involves sufficing the surging demand of prompt installation and unrivaled longevity while keeping up the industry benchmarks. It just portrays the first-rate image that the people look for during and following the construction.

The spectrum of a variety of amazing lineaments makes the stone panels a first choice to have at workplace, living place and hotel building etc. With natural stones installed, you can be sure about their extended durability as well as the pristine beauty to be beheld. The main areas of a house or hotel where they are commonly installed include interior ceiling, lobby walls, etc. These stone panels are waterproof, scratchproof, and dustproof, which make them easy to handle and maintain. It is moisture proof too; therefore, with that in mind, they are also highly hygienic for the home comforts. Depending on the freewill and needs of people, small size or large size panels can be installed to augment the functionality as well as décor of the inner place.

Because of its versatility, the natural stone panels are also quite commonly used in elevators and yachts today. Its amazing strength makes it 100% impact proof of degree caliber. It can assist in the pace of construction, since it is effortless and safe to install. The level of dependability, functionality, attraction, energy saving and various other lineaments make the granite, marble and limestone panels incomparable. As a result of its skyrocketing demand, manufactures offer strict commissioned stones for enchanting decor and amazing versatility. Requiring zero percent maintenance, these stone panels are the best choice to be had at every living and workplace since they add extra touch of classiness, decor and versatility to a place.

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Granite And Marble Vendors Are The Steppingstones To Finalize Your Home Construction Project Seamlessly

Most of the commercial and residential structures whether it is a home, museum, hotel or a shopping mall etc, it is hard to imagine their construction without the use of marble and granite, the two well-known natural stones, which play a pivotal role in the construction of most contemporary buildings. The entities that come into play at this point are definitely the suppliers that supply these natural stones. Choosing a reputable supplier ensures you get the highest quality of granite and marble products, meanwhile they also serve customer efficiently by providing them a variety of handy suggestions regarding their use in a variety of places in their homes. By and large, their contribution is quite instrumental in helping turning your dream to owning a beautiful home into reality.

Granite and Marble

How granite and marble suppliers are useful to you?

No matter what the type of building is, the use of marble and granite products is fast catching popularity today. However, you cannot count on every vendor supplying the natural stone products unless you know they occupy a reputable position in the industry. In other words, you need to locate premium granite and marble suppliers in your locality that is committed to offer quality products and services. A well thought-of supplier with sound expertise and experience in natural stone products industry will go the extra mile to help you provide with commercial and residential stone products.

Today, as a result of further innovation in technology, a lot of suppliers tend to use state-of-the-art machinery equipments to meting out stone products. That speaks volumes for first-rate quality in finished products and there is a surety for added beauty and decor of your home. In the contemporary times, using prefab marble and granite products in the construction of different types of structure is in great vogue since these materials trim down the load or onsite production as well as the time required in concluding constructions.

Prefab stone stuffs such as prefab Granite Countertops, lightweight stone panels, a wide variety of natural stone slabs and tiles, and kitchen and bathroom vanities etc. are in massive use today in order to spruce up the beauty and attraction of a contemporary building inside and outside. While you use pre-finished marble and granite products, this also trims down the hassle of interior designing to a great degree. If you prefer to use similar color of marble and granite stone panels for your home then it will work wonders in improving the elegance and decor of your home inwardly without costing you much expenses.

Locating Premium Granite and Marble Suppliers online

If you could not find suppliers dealing in commercial and residential stone products in your area, then it’s time to turn to the internet to ensure you get positive results. While there are lots and lots of people supplying marble and granite products and with a little search, you can come up with results containing reputable websites you can bank upon.

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Beige Marble Is Just The Thing For Sprucing Up The Attraction And Finesse Of Your Home

You have lots of options in natural stones today to choose from for your house construction or refurbishment project. That is to say from granite, limestone, basalt, slate and marble etc. you can pick out any one or more than one stone based on your preferences and budget for any type home construction, renovation or house designing project. However, there is one natural stone listed here, which has been used in the overall construction of a world-famous mausoleum, the Taj Mahal built in the old past. With its glory spread all over the world, this natural stone is widely used in a wide variety of buildings for construction, renovation and designing purposes. Getting more to the point, the use of marble is quite common in designer hotels and luxurious house because of its varied amazing features. The natural stone is not only elegant in appearance, but is also virtually maintenance-free with that said you need not make a lot of efforts to clean it. Just a slight rubbing of cloth will work.

beige marbles products

Marbles once installed at any site of a building also do not entail any special care for a long time. Therefore, suffice is to say it is a right choice when they are installed in kitchens, public lavatories, floors and even outdoor walls without the risk they might be damaged or lose its natural attraction for a long time.

Concerning home decoration purposes, the use of marble is again very common because of its stupendous look. Incidentally, among all the marble types, the use of beige marble is widely considered by most people because of the amazingly classiness, attraction it boasts. So suffice is to say, it will leave no stone unturned in giving the extra touch of finesse and attraction to your house. Its hardiness and elegant look are yet other key features that again make it one of the most sought-after natural stones in a house construction or just renovation.

Beige marble countertops are one of the best-selling products in the market today since they look ritzy and their smooth facade modern and stylish appearance contributes in changing the layout of your kitchen to the fullest. Beige marble counterparts come in a vast array of colors, so based on your personal tastes and needs; you can choose from beige, blue, green, brown to red and white or any other color. At present, beige and brown colors are in great vogue and are tremendously used in kitchen and since they are able to blanket dust in them and evidently look striking.

So whatever preferences you have in your mind regarding beige marble products, you can get hold of them by selecting reputable websites that sell them at low cost.

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Stylish Countertops Evidently Add Elegance To Your Kitchen

Countertops play a key role in creating just the right environment in your kitchen. They set the mood of the kitchen. They are as important as the paint, chosen for your kitchen, the cabinets, used in the kitchen or the flooring of your kitchen. Depending upon the designs, styles, textures, weight, durability and cost, a large range of countertops are present today in the market, which means you can easily find one complementing to your taste and budget.

If money is not an issue, then there could be nothing better than granite countertops. They add life to your kitchen, gives it a beautiful and modest look. It can resist heat to a certain extent. Granite counter tops gives the feel that you really are a home person, who does not accept compromise on the quality and likes only the best, which is long lasting and substantial. If the color range that granite does not satisfy you, you might want to have a look at Engineered Stone Counter Tops. They have larger range of colors, but more expensive than granite. A granite countertop consists of 93 % quartz particles, and has a nonporous surface which resists scratches and easy to manage. Ceramic tiles are another good choice. They are durable, easy to clean and inexpensive recipe for perfect counter top of a kitchen of average budget. The only disadvantage is that, if you buy the really cheap quality products, the tiles and the chips can crack. Formica, Nevamar and Wilson art are some of the widely used Laminates. They are easy to maintain, durable and inexpensive. Laminates are plastic coated synthetic material with a very smooth surface and are available in many shades, making it easy for you to choose the best for your kitchen.

Wooden counter tops are expensive and require a lot of maintenance, but give your kitchen such a stylish sleek look that they are worth the price. They cannot resist heat or water to a large extent and have very limited color range. Wooden countertops are also undoubtedly attractive, quite functional and durable too but with maintenance. For a modern yet industrial look, Stainless steel kitchen look good. They can be a little bit noisy to work with and do dent very easily, but are very easy to clean and deal with hot pans very well. If you want your countertops to be in unusual shapes and designs Concrete Counter tops can be a great choice. But they have such a high price tag that they are beyond many people’s budget. However, they give an exotic and a different look to your kitchen.

Countertops are available in many materials, in great range of colors and various finishing styles. With said that, choosing the perfect counter top can be difficult, but a little survey and little bit of market research can help you decide what do you actually want for your kitchen.

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Translucent Stone Panels-Add Extra Beauty With Added Functionality In Your Home Or Office

Translucent stone panels undoubtedly add extra elegance, decor and attraction to an office or home and ensure a more inviting setting there. These stone panels are made from handpicked and astonishing natural stone products and propped up by glass and epoxy resin.

The use of translucent stone panels is typically larger in office, especially in office receptions’ desk and workspace. These panels spruce up the setting and appeal of an office outstandingly because of their characteristic to allowing the light to traverse it. Since there is transmission of daylight through the panel, this leads the office staff to keep energetic throughout the daytime, and it is a wonderful key to help the profit of the company to grow abundantly. This phenomenon has been observed and proved scientifically as a result of which a majority of company owners choose to install translucent stone panels in their office buildings.

Translucent Stone Panels

Translucent stone panels are also a good choice for homes as well, especially when installed to zoning of specific sites of rooms. That is why, like many office owners, a lot of homeowners are choosing to install these in contemporary homes. They create a whole new difference in changing the appearance of your home. The segmentation done by translucent stone panels like bedroom and study room in a single room is something that pleases most. These natural stone slabs are lightweight and are therefore easy to handle and carry. They are matchless again in term of longevity. Translucent tiles and panels are maybe the most sought-after and splashboard stuff. Because of their see-through property, these products are tremendously chosen by most homeowners today.

Once you have installed translucent stone panels there is almost zero maintenance since they are stain and water-resistant and most important of all, they are washable. As a result of being germ-free and non-toxic in nature, they are again safe to install in your kitchen. Moreover, they are dead set against to mildew; therefore, they cannot put any harmful effect on the edibles placed in your kitchen. What’s more, translucent stone tiles are fireproof and do not fissure or wither with the passage of time. These all things direct to the fact that translucent tiles and stone panels are safe for a long-term use.

If you check out contemporary translucent stone panels and tiles, you will be overwhelmed to see the extra range of improved designs and styles, which are unique and can hold the interests of the viewers in the first blush. These tiles and panels are both handy and attractive; also, it does not cost a fortune to have them installed in your home or office. However, in fact, with the installation of see-through stone panels, this will give your living or workspace a very different appealing look. There is tremendous availability of translucent stone panels in a wide range of colors and stone pieces carved from a wide variety of rocks.

In this highly fashion-forward competitive era, contemporary interior designers choose these quality stones to be installed in a structure with the purpose to ensure the functionality and enhance the beauty of the interior. So while these see-through stone panels and tiles have taken the popularity and demand by height, it is easy to state why more and more number of office and homeowners are opting for installing them in their offices and homes respectively.

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Tips For Polishing Marble Surfaces

Glittering and shining marble floor is something that hardly ever goes unnoticed. It doesn’t matter where it’s installed; marble flooring is able to greatly enhance the beauty and look of any house giving it a sparkling appearance.

Nevertheless, in time, marble flooring can lose its shine if it isn’t taken care of. There are countless ways to polish and maintain marble flooring in order to retain its glazing look. Here are some great tips for effectively polishing and cleaning marble to extend its shine.

marble floor tiles

Marble, being a solid rock that is crystalline and metamorphic, has been used for countless centuries. However, over time marble may be susceptible to stains thereby losing its look and luster. In order to regain the original color and look that it may have once had, it does require the occasional polishing and cleaning. Also, being unknown to a lot of people, regular cleaning can not only help maintain marble’s shine, but also its durability. Please note we’re not pointing to the fact that one must clean the entire marble area, instead just the small path or area that needs regular polishing or cleaning in order to maintain its durability. As marble is a very durable rock, it’s commonly used for table tops, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, e.g. Also, a very common type of surface product that is used for these is what is known as veneer marble. Also, tile product colors that are often used are White Carrara, Battucino, or beige marble products, to name a few.

With all of the different options that are available, we shall take a quick look at some of the simple and easy techniques to polish or clean marble. It can be very effective for cleaning virtually any marble surfaces, such as marble floor tiles, marble columns, marble fireplaces etc. Please remember that these cleaning alternatives don’t require help from a professional. Do not go for detergents that are chemical-based as they can cause damage permanently thereby ruining the beauty and lust of your new marble tiles.

Steps for Polishing Marble

1. Before beginning to polish the required area, it will first have to be pre-cleaned. For this, you’ll need a mixed solution of 4 cups of water that’s warm, and about 3 tbsp. Of baking soda. With a soft cloth that is first dipped in the solution, thoroughly clean the marble area. Then for about three to four hours, allow the area to dry. Now it’s time to polish the marble area.

2. Make chalk powder by crushing white writing chalk, you can either use a pestle and small mortar or you may also use a small hammer.

3. Now moisten another soft cloth, and then sprinkle the cloth with the chalk powder in an area that is wet. Now wipe the moistened area of the cloth with the chalk powder over the area of the marble that you wish to polish. Remember to polish with uniform strokes.

4. Allow the area of the marble with the wet powder to dry for about one to two hours. Now take a different clean cloth, moisten it and then thoroughly clean the marble area.

5. Lastly, it is now time to wipe the desired area with either a mop or a clean soft cloth that is moistened with only clean water. Remember to only use a soft cloth or a mop and to avoid using abrasive scrubs or chemical based cleaners.

By regularly polishing marble, it can help towards ensuring its durability, shine, and look. It’s great for those who want to get the most out of their investment from purchasing the marble. The polishing ingredients are very affordable, and contains virtually no chemicals.

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Honeycomb Granite Panels – Strong, Flexible and Durable

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” This statement highlights why we humans have constantly been looking to improve in every aspect of our lives. The need to improve and provide a better way of doing things has led us to improve each step we take ahead. The same is true when it comes to building our homes and offices. The need for elegance, beauty and complexity has led to many innovations that have changed the way our homes and offices are decorated. Interior designing is not only about making your house or office look beautiful, it is all about making good use of the best thing available in a way that spells Fabulous all around. That being said, nothing else comes close to granites when it comes to giving the interior or exteriors of your house or office that elegant touch. These natural stones have long been used in constructing and decorating houses and offices. The sheer beauty and variety of these stones has earned them a way into many houses and offices, making them quite a precious commodity to those who are particular on making a style statement. However, changing times demand a change in the shape, size and weight of these stones to make them suitable for commercial and household use. This is what has led to the introduction of Honey Comb Granite Panels. In this article, we are going to see what these Honey Comb Granite Panels are, what are they used for, and what are the benefits of using these panels?

Granite honeycomb panel

Honey Comb Granite Panels – What are they?

Honey comb panels are wall panels made with a combination of a thin natural stone covering toughened with a honeycomb structured aluminium backing. The technology behind the concept of aluminium honeycombs has long been in use in the aerospace industry. This same technology is now combined with natural granite and made available for commercial and household use.

Where and how are these panels used?

These panels have been extensively used for:

1. Exterior and interior walls to provide better sound and heat padding and also because of its ability, durability and strength.

2. Because of its flexibility and safety features, it is also used in the exterior walls of factories and industries.

3. Large modular walls that are needed for high technical performance.

4. In exhibitions, showrooms and conferences where temporary interiors are needed.

5. Elevator floors and walls.

6. Assembled bathroom cabins for hotels.

What are the benefits of using these panels?

1. Light Weight: The average weight of a honeycomb granite panel is 80% lighter when compared to the solid stone.

2. Durable: Honeycomb granite panels are more impact resistant and also provide flexibility. When compared to 3cm thick granite, a honey comb granite panel can withstand up to sixty times more impact.

3. Disaster Proof: Honeycomb granite panels can withstand hurricanes and even a large missile impact. It also performs well when it is exposed to UV radiation or 4 pH acid rain. The flexibility provided by these panels make them the best choice against seismic conditions.

4. Water Resistant: Honeycomb granite panels are water resistant; this is due to the epoxy skin that is fiber-reinforced which give the panel a waterproofing barrier.

5. Money & Time Saver: The light weight of the honeycomb granite panel helps you save labour charges associated with installation and saves times as it is easy to install. Large panels can be installed without the use of adhesives.

These are some facts that show why these panels are growing in popularity. So next time when you see a beautiful exterior or interior wall at your office or at the airport, you know what is behind it. However, if you wish to use these panels for your office or house interiors or exteriors, check out this link:

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