Translucent Stone Panels-Add Extra Beauty With Added Functionality In Your Home Or Office

Translucent stone panels undoubtedly add extra elegance, decor and attraction to an office or home and ensure a more inviting setting there. These stone panels are made from handpicked and astonishing natural stone products and propped up by glass and epoxy resin.

The use of translucent stone panels is typically larger in office, especially in office receptions’ desk and workspace. These panels spruce up the setting and appeal of an office outstandingly because of their characteristic to allowing the light to traverse it. Since there is transmission of daylight through the panel, this leads the office staff to keep energetic throughout the daytime, and it is a wonderful key to help the profit of the company to grow abundantly. This phenomenon has been observed and proved scientifically as a result of which a majority of company owners choose to install translucent stone panels in their office buildings.

Translucent Stone Panels

Translucent stone panels are also a good choice for homes as well, especially when installed to zoning of specific sites of rooms. That is why, like many office owners, a lot of homeowners are choosing to install these in contemporary homes. They create a whole new difference in changing the appearance of your home. The segmentation done by translucent stone panels like bedroom and study room in a single room is something that pleases most. These natural stone slabs are lightweight and are therefore easy to handle and carry. They are matchless again in term of longevity. Translucent tiles and panels are maybe the most sought-after and splashboard stuff. Because of their see-through property, these products are tremendously chosen by most homeowners today.

Once you have installed translucent stone panels there is almost zero maintenance since they are stain and water-resistant and most important of all, they are washable. As a result of being germ-free and non-toxic in nature, they are again safe to install in your kitchen. Moreover, they are dead set against to mildew; therefore, they cannot put any harmful effect on the edibles placed in your kitchen. What’s more, translucent stone tiles are fireproof and do not fissure or wither with the passage of time. These all things direct to the fact that translucent tiles and stone panels are safe for a long-term use.

If you check out contemporary translucent stone panels and tiles, you will be overwhelmed to see the extra range of improved designs and styles, which are unique and can hold the interests of the viewers in the first blush. These tiles and panels are both handy and attractive; also, it does not cost a fortune to have them installed in your home or office. However, in fact, with the installation of see-through stone panels, this will give your living or workspace a very different appealing look. There is tremendous availability of translucent stone panels in a wide range of colors and stone pieces carved from a wide variety of rocks.

In this highly fashion-forward competitive era, contemporary interior designers choose these quality stones to be installed in a structure with the purpose to ensure the functionality and enhance the beauty of the interior. So while these see-through stone panels and tiles have taken the popularity and demand by height, it is easy to state why more and more number of office and homeowners are opting for installing them in their offices and homes respectively.

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Tips For Polishing Marble Surfaces

Glittering and shining marble floor is something that hardly ever goes unnoticed. It doesn’t matter where it’s installed; marble flooring is able to greatly enhance the beauty and look of any house giving it a sparkling appearance.

Nevertheless, in time, marble flooring can lose its shine if it isn’t taken care of. There are countless ways to polish and maintain marble flooring in order to retain its glazing look. Here are some great tips for effectively polishing and cleaning marble to extend its shine.

marble floor tiles

Marble, being a solid rock that is crystalline and metamorphic, has been used for countless centuries. However, over time marble may be susceptible to stains thereby losing its look and luster. In order to regain the original color and look that it may have once had, it does require the occasional polishing and cleaning. Also, being unknown to a lot of people, regular cleaning can not only help maintain marble’s shine, but also its durability. Please note we’re not pointing to the fact that one must clean the entire marble area, instead just the small path or area that needs regular polishing or cleaning in order to maintain its durability. As marble is a very durable rock, it’s commonly used for table tops, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, e.g. Also, a very common type of surface product that is used for these is what is known as veneer marble. Also, tile product colors that are often used are White Carrara, Battucino, or beige marble products, to name a few.

With all of the different options that are available, we shall take a quick look at some of the simple and easy techniques to polish or clean marble. It can be very effective for cleaning virtually any marble surfaces, such as marble floor tiles, marble columns, marble fireplaces etc. Please remember that these cleaning alternatives don’t require help from a professional. Do not go for detergents that are chemical-based as they can cause damage permanently thereby ruining the beauty and lust of your new marble tiles.

Steps for Polishing Marble

1. Before beginning to polish the required area, it will first have to be pre-cleaned. For this, you’ll need a mixed solution of 4 cups of water that’s warm, and about 3 tbsp. Of baking soda. With a soft cloth that is first dipped in the solution, thoroughly clean the marble area. Then for about three to four hours, allow the area to dry. Now it’s time to polish the marble area.

2. Make chalk powder by crushing white writing chalk, you can either use a pestle and small mortar or you may also use a small hammer.

3. Now moisten another soft cloth, and then sprinkle the cloth with the chalk powder in an area that is wet. Now wipe the moistened area of the cloth with the chalk powder over the area of the marble that you wish to polish. Remember to polish with uniform strokes.

4. Allow the area of the marble with the wet powder to dry for about one to two hours. Now take a different clean cloth, moisten it and then thoroughly clean the marble area.

5. Lastly, it is now time to wipe the desired area with either a mop or a clean soft cloth that is moistened with only clean water. Remember to only use a soft cloth or a mop and to avoid using abrasive scrubs or chemical based cleaners.

By regularly polishing marble, it can help towards ensuring its durability, shine, and look. It’s great for those who want to get the most out of their investment from purchasing the marble. The polishing ingredients are very affordable, and contains virtually no chemicals.

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Honeycomb Granite Panels – Strong, Flexible and Durable

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” This statement highlights why we humans have constantly been looking to improve in every aspect of our lives. The need to improve and provide a better way of doing things has led us to improve each step we take ahead. The same is true when it comes to building our homes and offices. The need for elegance, beauty and complexity has led to many innovations that have changed the way our homes and offices are decorated. Interior designing is not only about making your house or office look beautiful, it is all about making good use of the best thing available in a way that spells Fabulous all around. That being said, nothing else comes close to granites when it comes to giving the interior or exteriors of your house or office that elegant touch. These natural stones have long been used in constructing and decorating houses and offices. The sheer beauty and variety of these stones has earned them a way into many houses and offices, making them quite a precious commodity to those who are particular on making a style statement. However, changing times demand a change in the shape, size and weight of these stones to make them suitable for commercial and household use. This is what has led to the introduction of Honey Comb Granite Panels. In this article, we are going to see what these Honey Comb Granite Panels are, what are they used for, and what are the benefits of using these panels?

Granite honeycomb panel

Honey Comb Granite Panels – What are they?

Honey comb panels are wall panels made with a combination of a thin natural stone covering toughened with a honeycomb structured aluminium backing. The technology behind the concept of aluminium honeycombs has long been in use in the aerospace industry. This same technology is now combined with natural granite and made available for commercial and household use.

Where and how are these panels used?

These panels have been extensively used for:

1. Exterior and interior walls to provide better sound and heat padding and also because of its ability, durability and strength.

2. Because of its flexibility and safety features, it is also used in the exterior walls of factories and industries.

3. Large modular walls that are needed for high technical performance.

4. In exhibitions, showrooms and conferences where temporary interiors are needed.

5. Elevator floors and walls.

6. Assembled bathroom cabins for hotels.

What are the benefits of using these panels?

1. Light Weight: The average weight of a honeycomb granite panel is 80% lighter when compared to the solid stone.

2. Durable: Honeycomb granite panels are more impact resistant and also provide flexibility. When compared to 3cm thick granite, a honey comb granite panel can withstand up to sixty times more impact.

3. Disaster Proof: Honeycomb granite panels can withstand hurricanes and even a large missile impact. It also performs well when it is exposed to UV radiation or 4 pH acid rain. The flexibility provided by these panels make them the best choice against seismic conditions.

4. Water Resistant: Honeycomb granite panels are water resistant; this is due to the epoxy skin that is fiber-reinforced which give the panel a waterproofing barrier.

5. Money & Time Saver: The light weight of the honeycomb granite panel helps you save labour charges associated with installation and saves times as it is easy to install. Large panels can be installed without the use of adhesives.

These are some facts that show why these panels are growing in popularity. So next time when you see a beautiful exterior or interior wall at your office or at the airport, you know what is behind it. However, if you wish to use these panels for your office or house interiors or exteriors, check out this link:

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GRANITE – Past, Present and Future

Granite is an igneous rock, crystalline based which is hard and tough. It can be polished, formed, cut and honed to create many useful products. Granite is very durable and suitable for any type of internal structure. It is of great demand in the construction field covering a number of uses in businesses, buildings and homes. Deposits of mica, quartz stone countertops and feldspar attribute to the beauty of granite which is available in various colours.

It all began in ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians quarried granite in order to use it in various constructions. Most of their beautiful monuments were built using limestone and granite. For example, the recently unearthed statue of a New Kingdom Pharaoh was completely made out of granite. Many such relics, representative of the outstanding civilization of the Egyptians were built with granite blocks. Because of the Egyptians extraordinary sculpting skills, the granite blocks of these statues were built in such a way that even a piece of paper could not have been slid between the rocks.

Granite countertops

This igneous rock is part of a historical legacy that runs back thousands of years, but finds a relevance in our times and far into the future. Known for its wide use especially in the beautification of buildings, lets discover the various other uses of this beautiful resource one by one.

Firstly, granite is a favourite when it comes to its use in kitchen countertops. Here solid slabs of granite are cut to custom shape, and polished and dolled up with quality finishing edges. Due to the increase in demand for this product in the average income household, the installation rates that cost a bomb are now affordable to the common man too.

Granites are widely used in the Construction industry. Here, granite is quarried and made into blocks with the sides left rough or in some instances polished to a degree. Due to this the blocks join and fit into each other snugly giving the exterior a rough and rugged texture that is becoming ‘a la mode’ in architectural design today. Museums, churches, palaces and universities are few out of the many that are have been built using granite blocks. Large construction projects such as the Arlington memorial Bridge at Washington, D.C. which runs over the Potomac River use granite both as a structural element and as a decorative fence. Hence granite blocks are also used for structural purposes.

Granite counters is widely used as paving stones also called as pavers; this makes driveways and cafes very colourful and interesting. This brings out the beauty of this gorgeous material that when combined with professional craftsmanship and expert design truly becomes a masterpiece.

A very creative use of granite can be seen at Mount Rushmore, which is a granite monument in South Dakota made as a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson the former Presidents of USA. This huge monument is directly carved into the mountain.

Another common use of Granite is as a memorial stone; mostly as a grave marker in many countries.

Great sculptures begin with a small piece of rock. While you may not be into sculpting, the reason that leads you into this article definitely means you have something on your mind that has to do with this beautiful material. As a kitchen top or material for your next construction project or for a rock statue on your table top, granite is a beautiful piece of rock that you simply must have!

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A Honeycomb Inside Your Home?

Humans from times past have been fascinated by things found in Nature. It has been a constant human endeavour to copy the workings of Nature and incorporate it into technology. We all know where the Wright brothers got the idea for a fixed wing flying machine. This is just an example of man mimicking nature and coming through with breakthrough technology. There is a whole branch of Science dedicated to this mimicking of nature called Bio mimicry or Biomimetics!

aluminum honeycomb panels

I recently came across another invention, or rather an amazing clone of nature, which is rapidly making inroads in our daily household and commercial use. Honey Comb panels! Lets us, through this article, explore a few details about its Origin and Present use.

I definitely do not need to tell you where these panels have derived their name from. The hexagonal shape of the honey comb has long been an object of admiration and wonder. The building of a honeycomb has been termed as one of the most intriguing engineering and construction techniques. This gave birth to the idea of mimicking this technique for the use of humankind. The early use of a honeycomb panel was in the aerospace industry and is still widely in use therein. A honey comb structure is made by layering a honeycomb core (structure made of hexagonal and columnar cells) between two thin face sheets that ensures strength in tension. This technique helps create a minimal weight product with a higher strength to weight ratio. This technology has been in use since the 1950’s for manufacturing aircrafts and rockets. However, in the past few years this technology has made inroads in other fields as well. One such area is our houses and offices.

Today, because of its lightweight and structural and dimensionally stable qualities, we find these honey comb panels in use every where around us. Honeycomb stone panels, Honeycomb furniture, Honeycomb table tops, Honeycomb Marble panels, Honeycomb Granite panels, Honeycomb fibreglass panels and Honeycomb aluminium panels are commonly used for exterior and interior walls, floors, ceilings etc. and for making table tops, furniture tops, kitchen tops and vanity tops. The flexibility offered by these panels makes it easy to mould them into different shapes and sizes without losing their basic properties of being lightweight and durable. These stone panel products are easy to install and can easily be put up by yourself or an ordinary mason.

From what we have seen so far, we can confidently say that Honeycomb panels have been one of the most valuable inventions in Bio mimicry. Its usage and benefits cannot be overemphasized as is seen by the wide range of applications it has found in all facets of our lives. You can have these panels at your home or office too. Have a look at this link They house various types of honeycomb panels which you can order. If you do not find what you are looking for – get them custom made. Most providers will be able to help you with proper advice and guidance to help you make best use of this technology which according to me is one of the best mimics of nature.

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Value of Carved Marble Sculptures

Selecting an appropriate carved marble sculpture is the most difficult thing for people looking to decorate their homes. In fact, many factors are involved in choosing an ideal sculpture for home. As marble is soft enough to cut easily with special tools, manufacturers take special care in designing exclusive shapes and designs. However, they are able to bring natural finishes through their talent.

Carved Marble SculpturesThere are some carvers that bring absolute quality through their machines and that sculptures can be used in churches, castles, homes, temples, etc. If you want to choose a sculpted piece for your home, then you need to take care of certain things like corner space, interior, living room, etc. As these pieces of art and craft are durable and give brilliant beauty to the place, you need to take special care so that it can enhance your home’s beauty for the extended period.

Most of the people choose wood sculptures because of their ultimate beauty, but they are prone to crack eventually and are exposed to moisture conditions. Their quality fades over time and loses their real value, too. This is the reason modern people choose carved sculptures made up of marble or granite. However, if you want a wooden sculpted piece only, then you can go for basswood. It is a good choice, but far less durable and reliable than marble sculptures. Today, the emerging trend is to purchase stone or wooden sculptures for decoration and keeping them in the living space. It gives classic look to the place and improves the overall value of your home.

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Kitchen Design for Better Aesthetics

Whether you are planning to invest in a kitchen remodel or want to make few but noticeable changes, it is always a difficult task. It is also essential to select projects that will make a great and remarkable impact at the affordable prices. You also need to stay focused on the results, as it would be the investment prone area. It may include replacing fixtures, tiles, and implementing granite countertops, new wall paint, etc.  You will achieve inspiring results on any budget if you closely look the project and have clear objectives in mind.

marble tiles and granite countertops

From marble tiles to granite countertops, you can implement as much ideas as you want for your dearest kitchen update project.

1. Homeowners often look to add new lights to their kitchen besides natural light. It is, in fact, the best way to illuminate your kitchen and make it even more inviting and relaxing. It is easy to install lights in the kitchen to make it a pleasing place to share food with your kids.

2. People look to add more hardware to their kitchens in order to store equipment and other essential equipment. For this, it is recommended to add wood finish armoires or shelves as per your requirements and space available.

3. Granite countertops are in the prime limelight these days. People like such hard stone countertops because they are stable, durable, scratch, and fire resistant. Indeed, it is a hygienic option for your kitchen.

4. Flooring is also an essential part and people like wooden flooring in their kitchens. However, marble tiles are an exceptional option and gives better result.

In this way, you can make your kitchen a warm and stylish place to share food and memories with your family and kids. All these elements are budget-friendly and encourage you to spend more time with your family.

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Bringing Modern Appeal to Home and Office

Modern looks for a home or office is very important in this era of hyper-civilized environment. Today, local people and especially business owners want to make their office space as elegant and attractive as possible to entice their customers. Homeowners also want to make their home extremely beautiful, practical, functional, and dynamic. They make best use of sturdy yet expensive marble and granite stones in staircases and fireplaces. On the other hand, business owners make use of high-end marble and granite statues, medallions, and other decorative items for that aesthetic and royal appeal. Today, it is easy to spot amazing and stylish desks, chairs, and even exclusive marble tile flooring in commercial spaces.

marble floor tile

The decision is dependent on the personal preferences and budget. Some homeowners prefer modern furniture, marble flooring, granite statues, and marble staircases, while others prefer some other material. There is a world of difference, however, personal choices always wins the race. Today, most of the people struggle to choose between the stone and wooden products. Of course, both have their own attributes and features, but people often choose stone products because of their extraordinary strength, durability, and beauty. However, in commercial spaces, stone products are very popular. Stone products give an amazing appeal and amplify the overall environment.

Making the Best Use of Stone Products in Offices

If you want to transform your commercial space, then you need to make smart use of stone products. You can implement marble statues in the waiting room or conference room. It will help you in changing the overall face of your office.

You can implement expensive and luxurious stone products to small as well as larger office spaces. An efficient way of making the best use of stone products is to combine it with wooden products also. It will give mix feeling and simultaneously improve the experience.

Making the Best Use of Stone Products in Homes

You can implement marble statues and marble staircases in your home for that exclusive appeal. Homeowners make good granite countertops in their kitchens, which save space and enhance the overall personality of their kitchens. By incorporating a strong countertop, you can make your home more appealing and plausible. In this way, you can design your space and make it worth enjoying.

If you want to make your home a perfect embodiment of comfort and pleasure, then you need to incorporate stone products and combine different architectural styles and shades.

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Kitchen Design Elements

Practically, figuring out to design your high-traffic kitchen settings and layout plans is like speaking a new rhyme of different language. Fortunately, there various designers and remodelers out there who can guide you to translate your kitchen and make it even more dashing. Of course, kitchen is the most essential part of the home and reflects your way of living. Worldwide homeowners are making their cooking place ever so trendy and stylish by infusing innovative ideas. In essence, they want to make it more comfortable, warm, and exciting.

Granite counters

Home remodelers and interior designers give proper attention to the minuscule aspects to bring that ethereal quality to kitchens. They strive to blend several trends to make it a perfect place breathe and enjoy. Sometimes, few mistakes make your kitchen a perfect mess, this is the reason, you need to avoid them while remodeling. Some people use heavy stones for counter tops, but you need to bring granite counter tops for that appeal. Granite counters are highly efficient and stylish. Other stones look dilapidated after some times, which disfigure your kitchen’s beauty.

People also choose bright lights, but it makes the environment more focused. It never gives relaxing feeling to your eyes and keeps your eyes stressed. Therefore, it is better to use very light and mild shades for eye-soothing environment.

Homeowners often place many wooden armoires in kitchen, which makes it a tacky place and it becomes difficult to move. To make your cooking place spacious, airy, and broad, you need to place as little accessories as possible. It will help you move fast and keeps the place inviting. The homeowners often neglect these details therefore, proper planning is necessary before implementing the kitchen design elements. Remember, simplicity and affordability is the major aspect to focus.

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Bringing Luxurious & Fashionable Appeal to your Kitchen

Unquestionably, kitchen is the most special and celebrated place of a home. Homeowners want to spend their time with their families in kitchen only to have food together. This is the reason it also known as the most graceful and lovely place of a home. In order to bring more beauty and functionality to it, homeowners add extra accessories to it to make it their dream kitchen. They often go for remodeling to make it even more wonderful and engaging. Of course, it is quite challenging and difficult task, but people hire top designers and remodelers to create that uniqueness.

Beige Marbles Tiles

Homeowners also include their ideas to make their kitchen 100% functional and amazing. A trendy, function, and practical kitchen looks more gorgeous and allows family members to spend more time. Old kitchens are the best examples of this; they are ideally functional and inviting. Indeed, your choice of materials is also a factor that can change the story.

People furnish their kitchen space with the most advanced accessories and appliances. They choose gorgeous fixtures, plumbing accessories, marble tiles, tablewares and granite countertops that are timeless yet trendy. It will also improve your property value and attract visitors. In order to dissolve ethics, women choose great subtle colors and splashes. It gives fresh looks and energizes the feelings, too.

Whatever be your choice, you always consider practicality and functionality before choosing any material or accessory. It will not only give you extra comfort, but also make your kitchen lively. It will make your environment luxurious, comfortable, and above all flexible.

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